Real Estate Pre-License Broker Online Self-Paced Courses for Georgia.

This course reviews the fundamentals of real estate from the salespersons prelicense course. Also addresses brokerage management with additional lessons on office operations, broker responsibilities, financial management and government regulations.

The Georgia Real Estate Commission requires a proctored school final examination for these courses. Barney Fletcher Schools is not currently offering testing on site due to COVID-19. Once you have completed your course, please call the school for details on how to proceed with your proctored exam online. The Georgia Real Estate Commission also requires a state examination after the completion of your school final. Details for that exam can be found at PSI Testing and in the candidate handbook.

Interactive Online Courses.


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Broker Prelicensing Offered By Mbition
Georgia Broker Prelicense Course - 60 Hours
Course must be completed within 180 days of purchase.
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ALSO - Do NOT bookmark courses. In order for progress to be recorded properly, you need to log in to your Barney Fletcher Schools account each time you want to access your courses.